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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a very different animal than residential real estate. At Carter Law Offices, LLC, we have facilitated the sales and leases of many multi-million-dollar office, warehouse, and strip mall commercial buildings.

Unlike residential real estate wherein REALTORS® routinely handle an entire transaction, attorneys are almost always a part of commercial transactions. This is where Carter Law Offices, LLC offers clients a real advantage. Our president has been a real estate broker for many years and is an attorney focusing in real estate.

Not only can this combination offer very real savings to the client, but it affords an unsurpassed efficiency with regard to communication breakdowns that can routinely plague some commercial real estate transactions. If your real estate attorney and broker are on the same page from the beginning stages, there is no need to re-educate either when a transaction is coming together.

We have hourly, flat , and commission fee arrangements available -- all falling within our FAIR FEES™ program.

If you have any questions about a commercial real estate transaction, at any stage, feel free to contact us.

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