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It's common knowledge that for most, a home represents one of our largest investments. Perhaps a child will attend college on the equity or a retirement might be made that much easier. That said, it makes sense to treat any transaction with this much at stake very seriously. It surprises us when we see individuals that treat a home-sale as something akin to selling a car.

At Carter Law Offices, LLC we are sensitive to the processes that must be attended to when dealing with a home sale. In fact, our Senior Counsel has dealt in residential real estate for the past 16 plus years. Further, his family has been involved in real estate for the past 40 years: Calvin H. Carter (grandfather) was the top real estate agent in all of St. Louis County for many many years and Calvin M. Carter (father) was President of the St. Louis Association of Realtors.

Given this breadth of experience, there are very few home sale situations we have not encountered. That said, all real estate is unique and the law treats it as such. However, our exposure to a myriad of situations enables us to more easily navigate any situations you may need assistance with. For monies much lower than the typical real estate commission, we can always help home buyers and sellers bring a residential sale together.

Worth mentioning, is the fact that we, as a law firm, are sensitive to the fact that many area REALTORS® view attorneys as "deal killers." This seems to result from a perception that lawyers sometimes overly complicate matters that would otherwise work themselves out. This is true to an extent. Many attorneys want to feel they are doing "something" for their client. And, with all of the analytical skills gained in law school, lawyers may tend to flag an issue that the highly experienced REALTOR® feels routinely causes no problem.

This is a real tension in the residential real estate market place. There is truly something to be said for an attorney seeking to protect her/his client, but equally as important, there is something to be said for a seasoned REALTOR'S® knowledge of the typical goings on of the residential real estate trade/market. A true balance benefits buyers and sellers. Here at Carter Law Offices, LLC, we offer the unique combination of both perspectives.

Should you have any questions about a residential real estate transaction, at any stage, feel free to contact us below.