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Fees and Cost

We have hourly, flat-fee, and commission rates available. These are negotiable depending on the facts and circumstances of a given legal matter. Call or e-mail us so we can discuss your needs.

We understand that, for most, paying attorney's fees is not an enjoyable prospect. With this in mind, Carter Law Offices, LLC has implemented its FAIR FEES™ program. Often times, there are opportunities for clients to be more engaged in their legal matter, thereby creating money-saving opportunities for the client.


    In the eyes of the law all real estate is unique and therefore it's extremely difficult to create a "typical" fee schedule. For instance, Carter Law Offices, LLC, handles residential & commercial landlord/tenant issues, contractual disputes, major acquisitions, boundary disputes, homeowners' associations, code enforcement, and many other real estate legal matters. That said, there are some areas of law that border on routine; here's a for instance:

    Three Levels of Real Estate Transactions

    1) $450.00 one-time purchase-agreement preparation, explanation and negotiation assistance;

    2) $750.00 for initial purchase agreement, legal & transactional consulting throughout transaction, any addendums, contract extensions

    3) $1,250.00 for complete transactional guidance, legal oversight, drafting of anticipated amendments, inspection coordination, facilitation of any negotiations resulting from building inspections and the like, and title company dealings/closing.

    *The amount of responsibility a seller or buyer chooses to take on can dictate the attorney fees s/he incurs. With over 15+ years of residential real estate experience, there is no aspect of a transaction we cannot handle.


    Typical traffic situations are relatively simple to handle. In fact, many municipalities now allow attorneys on-line access to traffic matters, which can mean significant savings. Depending on your infraction (rate of speed, etc.), driving record, and the municipality involved; legal fees can vary.

    Possible scenarios

    1) Speeding charge [41 in a 30], good driving record, on-line participating municipality -- ~$49.00

    2) Speeding charge [41 in a 30], good driving record, municipality requiring attorney in-person appearance -- ~$95*

    3) Driving while suspended charge, imperfect driving record, on-line participating municipality -- ~$200*

    4) Driving while suspended charge, imperfect driving record, municipality requiring attorney in-person appearance -- ~$350*.

    * These scenarios represent a rough estimate of our FAIR FEE™ schedule for traffic matters and are meant only to give an indication of our fee levels. Each matter is unique and, as such, your particular fee assessment will likely vary -- please call for your most accurate quote.

  • Missouri Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Much the same as real estate, a typical business situation is hard to define; however, the following scenarios may give you a feel for our FAIR FEES™ structure.

    Missouri Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Formation of a straight-forward single-member Missouri Limited Liability Company (LLC) including proper preparation of the statutorily required operating agreement -- $500. Filing of Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State carries a government required fee of $105.00.

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